“Against Bloodstained Gold”: Indigenous Appeal to Companies like Apple or Tesla

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A new report, titled ‘Gold in Blood, Complicity and Destruction V’, published by Amazon Watch and presented this week in the US city, warns that the gold mined is used in electronic products, including cell phones, laptops and desktops. tech giant servers and in electric cars.

The study points out that the largest companies in the sector, such as Apple, Tesla, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Sony, Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors buy their supplies from two refineries – the Italian Chimet and the Brazilian Marsam – which are being investigated by the authorities. Brazilians for the alleged purchase of illegal gold extracted from indigenous territories.

The denunciation of indigenous leaders against blood-stained gold

Indigenous leaders denounced during Climate Week in New York, which is celebrated from September 19 to 25, the illegal commercialization and extraction of gold in their territories in Brazil and asked that major international brands stop supporting these activities.

Companies that have refineries stained with indigenous blood and marked by the toxic illegal gold market in Brazil on their list of suppliers must demonstrate that their production chains are free of this controversial product.“Notify the report.

Call for more control over illegal mining

Brazilian gold, according to the report, should be considered “a conflict mineral” because of the violence and destruction it causes.

There should be regulatory frameworks in the main importing countries, and thus demand “more transparency and control throughout the trade, transport and export process”.

Leading companies in technology, electronics and electric cars must no longer allow the disastrous and tragic impacts of the gold industry on the Amazon and its people.“, Add.

The destruction of the Amazon and the bloodstained gold

According to data from the organization Mapbiomas, deforestation of indigenous reserves in the Brazilian Amazon due to illegal mining increased by more than 205% during the Jair Bolsonaro government.

Between 2019 and 2021, mining destroyed 7,401 hectares of vegetation on indigenous lands, a number that nearly triples the 2,420 hectares devastated between 2016 and 2018, three years before Bolsonaro came to power.

The impacts on the highly preserved indigenous territories of the Amazon, particularly those of the Yanomami, Munduruku and Kayapó peoples, are immeasurable as wild prospectors roam streams and river beds, causing deforestation and contaminating critical freshwater resources with sediment and toxic mercury.“, complaint.

One of its main ones is the implementation of a direct financing mechanism – without government intervention – for traditional peoples to support the conservation of biodiversity in their territories.

Indigenous leaders demonstrated Tuesday in New York to coincide with the He speaks of Bolsonaro at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

the full report here



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