Aftershocks from the earthquake are complicating rescue efforts in Morocco

There have been such events since an earthquake struck Morocco six days ago Variety of replicas, the latest today at magnitude 4.6. In this situation the Moroccan government want Restore normality, tourist places have reopened and airports are 100% operational. But for people living in the affected areas of the High Atlas and moving among rubble, this routine will be difficult to restore.

Unicef ​​​​has warned about this There are many children who are alone and “they can’t even cry” because they work together as if they were adults.

Pictures by Diana Rodriguez

One of the tasks that the little ones do is: Distribution of water and food.

On the way to Imlil, one of the cities of the High Atlas, the images repeat on both sides of the road, Houses destroyedCanvas tents and trucks delivering food.

The Moroccan army installed this in the city of Asni only field hospital Built after the earthquake and has already served more than 1,000 people. The military set up a trampoline in the camp so that the children don’t forget that they are trampolines and they can play. Many of the houses in this city are destroyed, and yet they are many families who continue to live in them.

Camp for displaced people in Asni, where the Moroccan army field hospital is located
Displaced people camp in Asni, where the Moroccan army field hospital is located | Onda Cero/Diana Rodriguez

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