Chhavi Mittal Instagram Post: TV and Bollywood actress Chhavi Mittal was battling cancer in the past, and now she is cancer free. Recently, Ella Chhavi underwent surgery for breast cancer, after which the actress hit the gym for the first time. Chhavi also shared a strong message by sharing Jim’s photo on Instagram.

Chhavi has shared her latest photo on Instagram. In this photo, Chhavi is seen wearing a gray gym suit. Along with this photo, the image has also shared a long and wide post. In this post, Chhavi has shared her experience with cancer. Chhavi has written in this post: ‘I did what you can’t even think of. I went to the gym today.

I can’t use my right hand. So I didn’t use it. If I could lift the weight, I didn’t lift it. I can’t do anything under pressure, so I didn’t do it. What I did was focus on the things I could do.

Alongside this Chhavi wrote that I did Scots, Lunges, Bulgarian Split Scots, Cafe Raze, Single Leg Scots and also Sumo Scots. That’s right, isn’t it? The actress says that there is nothing to complain about in this. She further said that I also flaunted my surgery scars. My physical therapist was also proud of me as I was. Chhavi further wrote that I think you can’t be physically strong without being mentally strong.


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