After the warning, North Korea’s first ballistic missile test this year

Pyongyang: North Korea has conducted its first ballistic missile test this year, following a warning over US and South Korean military exercises.

According to details, North Korea said on Sunday that it had tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) a day earlier, the third known test of a long-range missile in less than a year.

South Korea’s military says North Korea has fired a long-range ballistic missile from its east coast toward the sea. Japan also reported North Korea’s missile test, North Korea’s first missile test this year.

The official Korean Central News Agency said the Wasang Fifteen missile was fired during a “surprise ICBM launching drill” under written orders from leader Kim Jong Un.

According to the report The missile traveled 989 km for about 67 minutes, and flew to an altitude of 5,768.5 km. Pyongyang described the test as proof of its ability to launch a ‘lethal nuclear counterattack against hostile forces’.

North Korea yesterday warned of a strong response to the annual US-South Korean military exercises in the near future.

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