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After the victory over Scotland, captain Virat Kohli said: even small things like the draw change the result.

Find out what captain Virat Kohli said after team India's great victory

After India’s two consecutive victories in the Super 12 match of the T20 World Cup, the Indian team captain Virat Kohli no longer wants to get out of the victory boat. He regretted the absence of some good overs in the games against Pakistan and New Zealand. He says these good overs could have changed the outcome of the match. Let us know what else Virat Kohli said at the post-match ceremony.

India kept their hopes of reaching the semifinals alive by defeating Scotland by 8 wickets in the match played on Friday. In their last match, India defeated Afghanistan by 66 runs. However, due to the loss to Pakistan and New Zealand, the fate of the team now depends on the outcome of the Afghanistan-New Zealand match.

In the post-match presentation ceremony that took place after defeating Scotland, Kohli said that our performance today was quite commanding. For this we constantly tried. I don’t want to say much about today’s game because we know how we can play. Little things like pitch and conditions matter a lot in T20 cricket. Now we are very happy to be in socks. However, Kohli regretted not playing his dominant game against Pakistan and New Zealand. He said we’ve broken the fact that we can’t get out of those two bad games. Two good overs could have made the difference in those two games. I’m happy that now everyone on the team is coming at their own pace.

The Indian captain said we wanted to cover Scotland from 100 to 120. But we stopped him at that total, which gave us a chance to play aggressively. We had set ourselves the goal of finishing the match in 8-10 overs. We didn’t want to chase a 6 or 7. Kohli said that if you look at our practice game, our hitters have shown aggressive play in the same way in that too. In this type of format, 2 overs can make a difference throughout the match and the tournament.


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