After the success of Gadar 2, Sunny Deol made a big announcement: “Now it’s just politics…”

The smash hit of Gadar 2 has boosted Sunny Deol’s stars. Alam is that every movie is currently being talked about but the name of Sunny Deol is being debated. Now Sunny Deol has also made a big announcement about his political career. Find out what Tara Singh had to say about this in this report…

Sunny Deol has made a big announcement regarding his political career. He has stated that he will not enter the political arena in next year’s Lok Sabha elections, ie 2024. He announced this in an interview. Please let us know that Sunny Deol has decided to retire from politics after “Gadar 2” became a super hit.

During the interview, Sunny Deol said that he will only stay as an actor. We can only do one job. It is not possible to run multiple jobs. When I went into politics before 2019, I thought something like this would happen, but whatever happens here, I can achieve that even by working as an actor. Even in movies I get people’s love.

Sunny Deol, MP from Gurdaspur, Punjab, said clearly that as an actor I can work to my heart, but that is not the case in politics. If I do what I don’t want to do in politics, I won’t be able to take it. When I go to Parliament, it pains me to see the behavior of the heads of state and government there while we advise others not to behave in this way.

Sunny Deol said that our behavior should be good in every situation. When things don’t look right, I feel like I have to give everything up. In such a situation, I decided that I will not take part in elections in 2024. I will only work as an actor. Politics doesn’t just fit our family. The first father (Dharmendra) entered politics and took leave of it. Now it’s my turn. Please let us know that in 2019 Sunny Deol contested by Gurdaspur Lok Sabha for BJP ticketed Punjab seat and defeated Sunil Jakhar of Congress. At this point, Sunil Jakhar himself has joined the BJP and is the President of the Punjab BJP.

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