After the fight, the husband and wife left the house, leaving the young children alone at home

Kuwait City: An Egyptian couple living in Kuwait left their home one by one after a fight, leaving their 6 children alone, including a 3-month-old baby girl.

According to Urdu News, an Egyptian couple living in Kuwait moved to their friends’ house after a quarrel, leaving their 6 children alone at home, the police have registered a case against the parents for neglecting the children.

Kuwaiti Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid has ordered not to extend the residence of the Egyptian couple and their children and to issue temporary residence until the end of the academic year.

The social police had reported to the interior minister that there were differences between the Egyptian couple, first the children’s father moved to a friend’s house and a few days later the mother also left the flat.

There was no provision for food and drink for the children, one girl is 3 months old. After the parents left, the two older children took care of the infant girl. One of them would go to school while the other would stay at home and take care of his sister.

The report said that a child contacted the Ministry of Interior operation room and informed about the situation, on which the police summoned the children’s father.

The children’s father said in his statement that he was unemployed, that is why he was having arguments with his wife. Tired, he left home four months ago and went to a friend.

The wife tried to take care of the children during this time, but finally she too gave up and left the children and moved to a friend’s house.

The Kuwaiti police said that a case was registered against the Egyptian couple for negligence in the care of the infant girl.

According to the police, it has been decided not to extend the residence of the family, but they have been issued a temporary residence until the end of the academic year. The family will be evicted after the completion of the academic year.

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