After the divorce, Kiran Rao now listed Aamir Khan’s shortcomings

Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan may not be socially active, but his personal life remains in the news. Actors do not become part of an event. But through his films he manages to leave a mark in the hearts of his fans. These days Aamir Khan is in the headlines with his film Lapata Ladies. Aamir is vigorously promoting the film along with his ex-wife. The ex-couple have now reached the ABP Network’s annual summit.

Aamir Khan mentioned his shortcomings which Kiran had shared with him. The actor said, “Kiran and I recently got divorced.” As we were sitting together one evening, I asked Kiran what I was missing as a husband. Kiran said yes, write – you talk a lot, you don’t let anyone talk. Get stuck at one point. I wrote about 15 to 20 points like this.

Kiran finally shared what is special about Aamir Khan. He said, “Aamir is very open-minded.” If you explain something to them logically and they see value in it, they never reject it. Accept it very quickly. That is absolutely right. He listens openly to everything.

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