After situation with Agustín Laje, Gabi Desangles resigns from the radio program “Mujeres al Borde”

Communicator Gabi Desangles resigned from the program "Women on the Edge Radio", which is transmitted by the Estrella 90 station, belonging to the Medrano Group and in which it was for four years.

The root of her decision seems to be related to the fact that on November 11, she decided not to participate in an interview that would be carried out in "Women on the Edge Radio" to the controversial Argentine writer Agustín Laje.

The actress also pointed out in the letter delivered to the Medrano Group that not participating in the interview has unleashed a series of malicious comments towards her person, generating curiosity and controversies that have given way to sensationalism.

Desangles specified that he decided not to participate in Laje’s interview because "it was done improvised, it was not announced that this gentleman was coming; also I do not share with his thought or with his form. I did not want to have a meaningless debate ”.

“As of today, I have decided to end my relationship with the Medrano Group, always thanking the opportunity provided,” he reported in the letter.

The resignation is also motivated by public comments from one of the executives of Grupo Medrano and director of Estrella 90, Roberto Rodríguez.

"When you choose a profession you must prepare yourself for the challenges that will befall you. Preparation goes with you 24/7 and thanks to it you will be successful. Without preparation there will be no questions or answers"Rodríguez commented on Twitter.

The radio show "Women on the Edge" It is headed by Ingrid Gómez and Bárbara Plaza. It is most likely that another woman will enter instead of Desangles.

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Last June, the space had announced that a new stage began by broadcasting live through the Mujeresalborderd YouTube channel, where the best moments of the show will also be compiled for the enjoyment of the audience of the program.

The communicator also participates in the radio program "This is not radio show", which is broadcast on the Alofoke FM station.


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