Home Business After problems in three countries, Crypto is leaving for Singapore

After problems in three countries, Crypto is leaving for Singapore

Crypto vertrekt naar Singapore na problemen in drie landen

The Worldcoin crypto project has not been a favorite of governments since its inception. They would reportedly prefer to see the project fail. Worldcoin has already stopped in some countries, but has now announced further expansion.

Bitcoin investors receive accelerated citizenship in exchange for a donation

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Governments are not happy with the Worldcoin crypto project

Last week there was news that it had been stopped in India, Brazil and France. The reason for this was criticism from governments. Worldcoin collects biometric data from wallet owners, who can participate in airdrops in exchange for their participation in the project.

The project therefore offers a form of universal basic income (UBI). The goal is to distinguish between increasingly intelligent AI algorithms and real people on the Internet. The demarcation is becoming increasingly difficult, which could lead to increasing disadvantage for people.

But Various governments strictly reject this because the network does not adequately protect user privacy. At the same time, the inventors continued the project. At the beginning of December, a grant program for developers and project managers was introduced to help grow the ecosystem. Worldcoin co-founder Sam Altman also remains very optimistic about the project.

Worldcoin available in Singapore

In a press release suggests Worldcoin that The optimistic mood remains as you can now register for the project in Singapore. This is done with the Orb, an iris scanner developed by Worldcoin itself that can be used in various locations worldwide. According to the search function, at the time of writing, there are five different orbs spread across Singapore.

Additionally, Worldcoin parent organization Tools for Humanity is now a member of two of Singapore’s most respected startup and technology organizations: ACCESS and the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA).

The organization is also expanding in countries where Orbs are already available, and more are slowly being added. Last week the Spanish cities of Seville and Bilbao were added to the list. In Germany the list has been expanded by Cologne and Leipzig make up a total of four cities. Additional orbs have also landed in Argentina, Chile and Japan.

World App, the first World ID-enabled wallet, is also available reached the milestones of 5 million downloads and 1.7 million monthly active wallets.

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