After marrying Krishna, Kashmiri Shah suffered this pain that she will never forget!

After marrying Krishna, Kashmiri Shah suffered this pain that she will never forget!

Model and dancer Kashmira Shah is married to Govinda’s nephew and comedian Krishna Abhishek. Kashmira and Abhishek’s love story began in 2005. According to Kashmiri, she had fallen in love with Krishna in the first place. When Kashmiri met Krishna, she was already married. She was married to film producer Brad Listerman. Krishna and Kashmira’s first meeting took place in Jaipur. Both of them were working together on the movie ‘Aur Pappu Pass Ho Gaya’. After the filming of the movie, both of them were released and they used to spend time together. During this, both became friends and the matter came to love.

Both fell in love during the shooting in Jaipur. Even after reaching Mumbai, both of them started seeing each other every day. Finally, in the year 2007, Kashmira got divorced from Brad Listerman and started living with Krishna. At that time everyone thought that Kashmiri had been divorced by Krishna. However, the actress did not believe that this was true. According to him, the reason for the divorce was something else. Finally, after living together for a long time, both of them got married in the year 2013. After this, in 2017, Kashmira and Krishna became the parents of twin sons with the help of surrogacy. Kashmira had recounted that after trying the natural way several times, when things didn’t work out, she turned to IVF.

Talking about this, Kashmira had said, “When I didn’t get pregnant naturally, I also resorted to IVF technology. You won’t believe that I failed to get pregnant 14 times. My health was also down. I had a lot of problems. The weight had also increased.” “. She further says: “Afterwards it became very difficult for me to lose weight. My waist went from 24 to 32 and this phase was very painful for me, but I did not give up. Meanwhile, many people commented that because of the figure I did not get pregnant but it’s not like that. I tried everything. I really want to thank the surrogate mother who gave birth to my children and suffered so much pain.”

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