After Mario, a Donkey Kong film in development?

Released in theaters on April 5, Super Mario Bros the Movie saw its run drastically crush the 2023 box office in less than two weeks. Breaking in turn the audience and financial records for a film from a video game adaptation, which is more animation. It’s a real wave of positive feedback that has flooded social networks for the little gem concocted by Enlightenment Entertainment And Nintendo. While the possibilities for sequels are almost inexhaustible, as the source material is so full of stories and aficionados, the idea of ​​a film centered on Donkey Kong.

Super Mario Bros. the Movie © Illumination Entertainment © Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. the Movie © Illumination Entertainment © Nintendo

After the character development of donkey kong of Seth Rogen in the movie Super Mario Bros.there’s reason to think the giant ape might get its own movie. CBR recently talked about the possibility of a spin-off for Nintendo’s gorilla, which has gained depth and complexity in this treatment and stands out very well in the movie Maria. After all, it’s in the video game donkey kong Original that mario made its debut. Based on that, and the immense success of Super Mario Bros. on screen, it makes sense to imagine an expanded universe being forged around the Super Plumber.

Make come back Seth Rogen in the role of Donkey Kong would certainly be very focused on the family and fun aspect that we have already seen in its first appearance, there is enough material available in Mario movie to give to Kong the cinematic treatment it deserves.

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