After iPhone, ChatGPT comes to Android this week

ChatGPT came with a web version and quickly became the most popular Artificial Intelligence model in the world. It wasn’t long before mobile apps were in demand and OpenAI released the iOS app last May.

After iPhone users were able to use the service for two months, it was promised that it would be released for Android soon. It’s now official and OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT is coming to Android this week.

Announcing ChatGPT for Android! The app will roll out to users next week and you can pre-order it on the Google Play Store starting today:

—OpenAI (@OpenAI) July 21, 2023

You can already pre-register in the ChatGPT application for Android

If you have an Android device, it is already possible to perform the pre-registration in Google Play Store. After that, you will receive a notification on your device as soon as the app is available to download and use in Portugal.

The cool part is that the app will be, like iOS, free to use and will sync user history between devices. And judging by the Google Play Store, Portugal should already receive the app at this stage of release for Android.

According to OpenAI, in this application you can count on instant answers, personalized advice, creative inspiration, professional contribution and learning opportunities. You should note that the app should be slightly different from the iOS version.

In this version we have integration of shortcuts and Siri, something that we will not have in this way on Android. As soon as it is launched, we will see if there will be integration with Google’s virtual assistant. This at a time when Google already has Bard, its alternative to ChatGPT.

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