After Assam, Muslims are also targeted in Madhya Pradesh

After the Indian state of Assam, a series of attacks on Muslim property has also started in Madhya Pradesh.

In Madhya Pradesh, Hindu extremists attacked Muslims chanting “Shoot the traitors” and forcibly closed their shops, causing severe violence.

Earlier, extremists along with government machinery martyred two mosques in Darang district of Assam and demolished the houses of more than 600 Muslim families.

After the demolition of Muslim families’ houses in Assam, children, the elderly and women lie on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in a state of cosmopolitanism, while some videos circulating on social media also show extremists desecrating the body of a Muslim citizen Was killed by

Recently, Hindu Sena miscreants also attacked the official residence of Lok Sabha member Asaduddin Owaisi in Delhi and vandalized his house.

It may be recalled that Pakistan had expressed deep concern over the atrocities on Muslims in Assam by summoning the Indian Foreign Office on Friday on the issue of violence against Muslims in Assam.

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A Foreign Office spokesman said the targeting of Muslims in Assam and the killing of an unarmed man was a matter of concern.


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