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After all, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max may not have this attribute

Although Apple’s next event is the WWDC conference, the most anticipated moment is always the launch of the new generation of the iPhone.

The rumors focus on the iconic smartphone of the Cupertino company and the latest ones bring bad news. After all, the more advanced models of the iPhone 15 may not have solid-state buttons.

Apple could delay the integration of solid-state buttons on the iPhone

Image of the iPhone 14 Pro
Higher-end iPhone 15 models may not arrive equipped with solid-state buttonsCredit@Apple

The first Apple event of 2023 will take place in June. This year, the WWDC conference may have more attention focused on itself, as it could be the stage for the unveiling of the company’s new AR/VR headset, which has been talked about and long awaited in the web world. .

But, without a doubt, the presentation event of the new iPhone, in September of this year, will be the most relevant event for users and also for the market. For that reason, rumors tend to focus on the new generation of the iconic smartphone.

And the most recent bring less encouraging news. The MacRumors website teases that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max won’t include solid-state buttons after all.

The post is based on inside information from Cirrus Logic, a provider of haptic controllers for the iPhone’s Tapic engine, which announced at a shareholder meeting that “a new product scheduled for release this fall should not hit the market as expected.” provided”.

This new data suggests that, most likely, the most advanced models of the iPhone 15 will continue to have physical buttons. It should be remembered that recently the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had already come forward with this hypothesis.

Kuo even said that Apple will have postponed the integration of solid-state buttons for the 16-generation iPhone that will hit the market until next year.

But Apple fans shouldn’t be completely disappointed just yet. After all, it is expected that at the WWDC conference, which takes place from June 5 to 9, the Cupertino company will finally present one of its most innovative equipment: AR / VR headsets.

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