After 7 consecutive movies, Vidya felt that her career was over. thought so changed

Ideas of India Summit 2022: The performance of Vidya Balan, one of the most successful and prominent actresses in Bollywood, is highly appreciated by the Hindi movie audience. Vidya Balan has won the hearts of the audience with her skills in masala movies and female-centric movies. Vidya Balan’s career has not always been at the top, there was also a phase in the actress’s career, when not one or two, but 7 films in a row failed. Vidya Balan spoke openly about the ups and downs of her career at ABP News’ Ideas of India Summit 2022 and how she had coped.

Speaking on Ideas of India, Vidya Balan said: ‘When movies fail after consecutive successes, then you try to find out the reason. At that time I had also tried to find out the reason… so I was also afraid that now my career would end. The actress said, “But it happened faster than the first time.” I started to do a good job, said the actress, when you can’t take credit for the movie being a success alone, then you shouldn’t take the responsibility that the movie is also a failure.

Vidya Balan said: ‘Experience and ideology change with time and age. This was the reason why the bad phase of flop movies had passed before the first time. The actress said, she had arrived on the set of Tumhari Sulu just two weeks after the failure of Begum Jaan, there the director told the crew that her mood may be bad, so everyone should take care, but if I got there with a big laugh , might. Do not believe it.

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Vidya Balan said: ‘I told the director: every time I come to the set, I feel lucky, I feel like I am living my dream. Well, the ups and downs keep coming, but I tried my best, it just didn’t work out. The actress said: “I used to feel bad because people rejected me and it seemed that what had changed… said Vidya Balan, she has been with healers (a kind of therapist) for 11 years, she has changed her way of thinking. Has changed”. she helped a lot to change.

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