As the market roars, the Shiba Inu SHIB pierces the ceiling. Who expected the shitcoin par excellence become a real competitor? Ranked in the top 20 cryptocurrencies, Shiba Inu’s SHIB is currently one of the most interesting projects in the crypto ecosystem. Between DeFi, NFT and decentralization, make way for the king of memes!

A look back at the impressive performances of the Shiba Inu

  • Shiba Inu is the 17th crypto in the world ranking.
  • She’s in front of the Chain Link and Axie Infinity
  • In recent days SHIB token has stood out from the rest of the market
  • While the market plunges and only the Bitcoin progressing
  • Shiba Inu corner saw strong growth of 602% in two days

The Shiba hadn’t moved for several weeks. Since May 2021, the latter was immersed in stagnation at around 0.0000081 dollars (5 zero after the decimal point).

This level was particularly low compared to its all-time high reached with tweets fromElon musk. It had managed to take off 40,000% and settle at almost $ 0.00004 (4 zero after the decimal point)

To visualize more clearly the price movements, tell yourself that the SHIB was at 972 ten billionths of dollars and that it climbed to 400,000. That is a gain of 40,000%

(A ten billionth of dollars is 1 x 10 to the power minus 10. This is a number that could be confusing if you are not used to powers of 10. So, for the sake of understanding, we will do as if it was a dollar satoshis – $ satoshis.)

So Shiba Inu’s SHIB came down to $ 52,456 satoshis. It has therefore lost 86% of its value, at the very least.

When you are told that volatility is high on this type of Altcoin, it is no joke.

After this episode of record volatility, the market calmed down. Since May, few crypto have beaten their ATHs. The only one who has achieved this feat in this trendless market is Elrond Gold.

But the same corners are good indicators. When this type of crypto returns to volatility and violence, the market is waking up. It very often starts with shitcoins and bitcoin. Meanwhile, the rest of the altcoins bleed.

Prediction Course Shiba inu

  • Shiba Inu 2022 course: $ 0,00014
  • Shiba Inu 2030 course: $ 0.01

So the Shiba Inu woke up. Since its support at $ 49,820 satoshis, in two days it has taken 607% to fetch 352,000 satoshis. We need to stay calm, because until the ATH is broken, we don’t have confirmation of a bull market. But the price returned within hours to 78% Fibonacci levels.

What does this tell us about the market? Well, the $ 400,000 ATH Satoshis wasn’t just Elon Musk’s madness. No, because the price is reacting well to this ATH and is now moving in this zone. What can we deduce from this for the future? The validation of this price and the transformation of the support into resistance. This means that the SHIB will likely be well above this level before the end of the bull run.

For more information – see our guide “Buy with eToro“.

Shiba Inu’s ambitious development projects

Another news that will please those who have Shiba Inu in their wallet.

The development of projects never stops in the Shibarmy. The DEX program, powered by the other LEASH and BONE tokens, is expected to bring an ecosystem where users make more money than DEX owners. In fact, it may be the one and only such project.

DEX – Decentralized Exchange, decentralized cryptocurrency buying and selling platform

In Shiba Inu’s DEX, fees are widely distributed to HODLers. This news alone should precipitate all stakers on ShibaSwap. But it will take time before the popularity rating goes up. In the meantime, other ambitious projects are emerging.

There are two things that are changing the world in cryptocurrency in recent months. It is Decentralized DeFi Finance, represented by the ShibaSwap, and NFTs. Non Fungible Tokens have been talked about everywhere, and for the most part outside the cozy lounges of the crypto currency. In fashion, in gaming, in art, in sport …

The Launch of the Shiboshis

NFTs have become the gateways that bring new blood to the crypto world. And it is therefore a stroke of strategist on the part of Shiba Inu to have added a new axis of development in this direction.

The launch of the NFT Shiba Inu, will be done through a commercial event in the course of next week. The first on sale will be 10,000 NFTs directly edited by the Shiba Inu team, the Shiboshis. At first, you can only buy these Shiboshis with the LEASH corner, which is one of the tokens of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Then, these NFTs will be available on secondary markets like OpenSea or Rarible and you can buy them with Ethereum.

So don’t miss the launch! Because these NFTs will be usable in a Shiba game which should be announced soon …

The Shiba Inu universe is definitely fascinating. In the beginning, everyone thought of this token as shit. Then, with each step taken, we realize that the team has passion, that the projects are ambitious and that the developers are up to the task. The community is strong. In short, the indicators are all green regarding the future of the Shiba Inu, which will undoubtedly replace the Dogecoin as the first and best of the coin crypto memes.


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