After 500 years, Europe was surrounded by a great threat

BRUSSELS: Europe has been hit by the worst drought in 500 years.

According to the details, three-thirds of the Greater Europe area has been affected by drought, according to the report of the Global Drought Observatory, 47 percent of the Greater Europe areas are experiencing drought-like conditions.

Forty-seven percent of the European region has dried up the soil, 17 percent of the European regions have shown signs of grass, moss and green loss.

The Global Drought Observatory warned that the drought will affect crop production, and could spark forest fires, and that the drought could last for several more months in some southern parts of Europe.

Drought declared in various parts of Great Britain

The report warned that almost all of Europe’s rivers have dried up to some degree.

In America, the situation became very bad due to the drought

According to EU forecasts, the corn harvest will be 16 percent less, soybeans 15 percent and sunflower 12 percent less than the previous five years.

The Drought Observatory, part of the European Commission’s research wing, warned in a report that preliminary data showed the current drought was the worst in at least 500 years.

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