It is a thorny issue on which the Saverne industrial tribunals will have to look. For 27 years, Rabah Mekaoui has worked for the brewer Kronenbourg, in Obernai (Bas-Rhin). Almost three decades of loyalty and no less than 177 fixed-term contracts, report our colleagues from World. More precisely: 161 temporary assignments and sixteen fixed-term contracts (CDD). In 2019, with the approach of retirement, his relatives advise him to seek advice from a lawyer in order to apply for a CDI. A requirement that will push the brewer to do without his services. But today, at 62, when the time for retirement has come, the former factory employee wants to be able to enjoy a retirement equal to his colleagues.

At the end of 2021, before the industrial tribunal, his lawyer, Me Nicole Radius, accused Kronenbourg of “abuse of seasonal contracts” and requested the requalification of his client’s career as a permanent contract (CDI). “He was loyal. For nearly thirty years, Mr. Mekaoui did not know if his mission was going to be renewed the following week. He did not know the precise term of his contracts. He never went on sick leave, has never taken any leave, for fear of not being taken back. This very precarious situation has had an impact on his health, the quality of his family relations, “insists his advice. Before the industrial tribunal, Kronenbourg’s lawyer, Me Emmanuel AndrĂ©o, sided with “the collective agreement” which authorizes the hiring of “seasonal employees”.

In addition to the precarious situation of Mr. Mekaoui, there are also many years of being subjected to racist insults, continues Le Monde. Since 2012, the company has also not hired a single employee with a name of Maghrebian origin, according to the records of the factory staff seized by a bailiff. Me Nicole Radius and her client are now claiming 206,000 euros for repairs. The industrial tribunal’s decision is expected on February 1.

But in Obernai, this case is sensitive, because of the history that the town has with the company. By establishing itself in the city in 1969, Kronenbourg created thousands of jobs and revived the local economy. “People were so happy that many kept the overalls with the Kronenbourg logo during the weekend,” recalls Bernard Schwartz, trade unionist and worker for 23 years at the brewer.


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