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Afraid of the Taliban, Afghan Acting Finance Minister fled the country

A few days ago the news of the departure of a large number of US military translators to Washington on a special plane made headlines, and today Afghanistan’s acting Finance Minister left the country.

A spokesman for the Finance Ministry said that Khalid Payenda had resigned due to the occupation of Afghan territory by the Taliban. The spokesman said the second reason for Khalid Payenda’s departure was his ailing wife. There was an important need.

According to the European Union, after the withdrawal of foreign forces, the Taliban have taken control of 65% of the country, the advance of the Taliban towards Kabul continues rapidly.

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Earlier today, there was big news from Afghanistan that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani removed Afghan army chief Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai after the defeat of Afghan forces by the Taliban and appointed Hebatullah as the new army chief.

It should be recalled that the Taliban have claimed control of nine provincial capitals in six days, while the ongoing fighting between the Taliban and the forces in Kandahar intensifies.

A Taliban spokesman said dozens of Afghan soldiers had surrendered at Kunduz airport and joined the Taliban, along with various vehicles and weapons.

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