Afraid of cyber attacks? Don’t worry about AIOW’s social media blockchain

Cyber ​​attacks are practically the order of the day these days, whether you realize it or not. As long as you have an internet connection, you are a potential target for cyber criminals, especially if you don’t get your act together. TechJury writes that 30,000 sites are hacked every day, and a mere 24,000 rogue apps are blocked every day to prevent them from being downloaded. Those are just the numbers that security experts are aware of.

Vulnerabilities in blockchains are also exposed at every turn, according to the Cloud Server Alliance 200 had already been discovered in 2020. Hackers regularly know large sums of money because of this to loot.

For large companies, this is often less of a problem, because they usually have enough financial resources to ensure that their products and digital infrastructure used are safe. That’s how Google has its Bughunter Rewards Program. Other companies like Amazon and Microsoft have similar initiatives, in addition to their own spending on software and hardware security.

However, if you are a smaller company or if you have not been around that long, it is more difficult to estimate whether criminals can quickly crack the security of, for example, your product. This is a major problem for network applications such as blockchain and social media. The product is then not only a target, it can form a vulnerable link for the entire platform.

Before the platform was launched, the Dutch social media company had the blockchain extensively checked for security problems by RD Auditors.

AIOWs smart contractplatform is completely safe, according to these security researchers. All 35 aspects of the software have been examined, and no problem has been discovered. The blockchain of the Dutch startup uses the Ethereum network. The 35 tested components relate, among other things, to cryptography, the transaction mechanisms used and the user interface. RD Auditors concludes that the blockchain is ready for large-scale use.

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You can read more about this Dutch blockchain startup on the AIOW company page.

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