Afghanistan’s airspace: International body issues new safety guidelines

KABUL: The International Association of Pilots (AFALFA) has issued a new safety guideline regarding Afghanistan’s airspace, stating that limited control tower services are available for landing and take-off in Kabul.

The International Organization of Pilots says in its letter that Pakistan Civil Aviation is providing technical assistance to Afghan Civil Aviation, assisting Pakistan and Afghanistan in providing airspace information, senior officers have been deployed in Afghan Civil Aviation. Are

The letter said that senior officers have been informed about the account of Cape Wind of Contact, information regarding Afghan airspace is available on web pages and sites.

Flight information service has been provided at Mazar-e-Sharif Airport, Afghan officials attended a video conference recently, informed the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The situation in Afghanistan is stable. Contacts will be strong.

New Afghan government liaises with Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority, seeks permission for flights

On the other hand, the new Afghan government has contacted the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan. The Afghan Ministry of Civil Aviation sought to liaise with the CAA through the region, seeking permission from Afghanistan’s airlines Ariana and Kam Air for scheduled flights to Pakistan.

Permission for flights was sought on the basis of MoUs between the two countries. The text of the letter also stated that US troops had destroyed Kabul Airport facilities during the withdrawal, Qatar had restored technical facilities at Kabul Airport.


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