Afghanistan: “Young people don’t understand terror” and “women stand up against the Taliban,” says expert

The Taliban did not expect a reaction from civil society“Afghanistan expert Jean-Charles Jauffret estimates on Tuesday, September 7 in Franceinfo. In Kabul, several demonstrations brought together on Tuesday dozens of women and young people who oppose the Taliban and demand freedom.”Young people don’t understand terror because they went to college“estimates the professor emeritus of contemporary history at Sciences-Po Aix.” Çit’s something extraordinary because it’s women who are largely standing up against the Taliban

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Jean-Charles Jauffret: The Taliban did not expect to take power so quickly. They also didn’t expect a reaction from civil society, which exists! These young people don’t understand terror or that kind of preaching because they went to college. It’s the first reaction of a resistance force that doesn’t want to go back to the Stone Age. It’s extraordinary because it’s women who are, for the most part, standing up against the Taliban. This is an interesting thing to understand the current paralysis of a regime that has not yet spoken out.

Can these women stand up to the Taliban?

They have a lot of courage because, overnight, they saw themselves as people from the subcategory. At university, they must now take classes in same-sex classes and wear the niqab… Imagine a practical chemistry class in this kind of outfit! The time has come for the international community and all feminist associations around the world to rise up against this return to obscurantism.

Are the protesters responding to the call of the son of Commander Massoud, who leads the resistance?

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It’s a revolt that has nothing to do with it. It really is civil society. But how long will this last? I think the lead layer will get heavier and the repression terrible. We know what’s happening in Kabul, but what’s happening in other cities? The resistance in Panchir Valley may not be over, as we’re talking about pockets of resistance, but the Taliban is superior in armaments against Tajik fighters and the 9,000 Afghan National Army soldiers who don’t just own small arms.

Are we facing a paralyzed Taliban power, which wonders how far it can go without drawing the wrath of the international community?

We are facing a theocratic dictatorship that still does not dare to pronounce its name, because we still keep the memories of 1996-2001. Perhaps the Taliban proposes an inclusive government, with figures outside their Pashtun movement who might have credibility in making the economy work, or they might remake the 1996-2001 coup for us by caging women and controlling society through terror, while voluntarily calling for associations to kindly save your country from starvation. For now, the Taliban has shown its inability to maintain order against the Islamic State group.

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