Afghanistan: what to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s speech

A speech focused on diplomacy. This Monday, August 16, Emmanuel Macron spoke about the situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have taken power in recent days.

From the beginning of his speech, the Head of State began by recalling that the capital, Kabul, fell without resistance. He also reviewed the French military presence in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014. To do this, he highlighted the “old and deep friendships (…)” with the Afghan people.

Quickly, the president anticipated the important consequences that could intervene in the near future due to the victory of the Taliban. One of them in particular is immigration, which could take on a new dimension as civilians seek to leave the country. The other consequence feared by the president is the return of Islamist terrorist groups to Afghan soil.

At the moment, the presidency’s priority is to house nationals or those who have helped France on the ground. Emmanuel Macron assured that operations were being carried out to receive Afghan personnel working with the French army. “It is our duty,” he assured. For this particular purpose, 2 military aircraft and special forces must be dispatched to the site.

So, a joint initiative with the UK should be unveiled in the “next few hours” on the fight against terrorism. “Afghanistan must not become the sanctuary of terrorism that it once was,” insisted the French president. In particular, he assured that he would do everything possible to get the United States, Russia and Europe to cooperate.

Finally, when it comes to immigration, a “strong and united response” with Germany and other European countries must be put in place to fight “irregular flows”. Emmanuel Macron promised to welcome those who helped France, or personalities who would be threatened by the Taliban, while explaining that not everyone would be able to come. “Afghanistan will need its vital forces,” argued in particular the Head of State.

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During his speech, Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the French soldiers who have been deployed in Afghanistan for more than ten years. “To those who fought, to the families of those who died or were seriously injured, we will not forget our dead, we will not forget our wounded,” he said.

At the end of his speech, the French president assured that France must continue to “defend” the values ​​of democracy and freedom. In particular, he assured that if the Taliban were really heading towards obscurantism, they would take the “option of isolation”. “The Afghan people have the right to live in freedom and security. Afghan women have the right to live in freedom and dignity ”, supported Emmanuel Macron.

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