Afghanistan: trapped during a fake date, a homosexual beaten and raped by the Taliban

He fell into the trap set by the Taliban. A gay Afghan man was raped and beaten on his way to a bogus date he believed would allow him to leave the country.

He had started a discussion three weeks ago with a man on social networks when the latter offered to meet him, in order to help him leave Afghanistan. By accepting, the man was ambushed by two members of the Islamist organization, reports itv news. They then beat him and then raped him, before demanding that he give his father’s phone number, so that they inform him that his son was homosexual.

This attack made LGBT activists react. They explain that the Taliban are now using social networks to more easily track homosexuals. The Rainbow Railroad organization explained that it had been in contact with more than 200 gay Afghans seeking to leave their country.

Since the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul and their seizure of power, numerous abuses have been reported, despite an official speech which seeks to make them appear more open. Artists (music is prohibited by Islam), journalists, members of minorities (considered heretics) have been summarily murdered since mid-August, Amnesty International reported.

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