Afghanistan: the moving front page of the newspaper “Marca”

The situation in Afghanistan is causing unrest around the world. And the Spanish sports newspaper “Marca” dedicated its headline to him on Tuesday, worrying about the conditions of women in the country with a photo of a girl playing soccer and the title “What will become of them?” “.

The Iberian media express their deep concern, while Kabul is now in the hands of the Taliban, “who are reimposing their regime of terror” and “destroying the rights of women, including that of sports.”

Captain of the Afghanistan wheelchair basketball team, Nilofar Bayat shares in the pages of the newspaper his fears for his life. “We are afraid, I am afraid for my life, we want to get out of here,” said the player, who asked the Spanish Basketball Federation for help.

“I can’t leave and I know I’m not safe here. The Taliban will kill me, they don’t like women like me, ”he also told Vice World News. At the age of 2, he had the pain of losing his brother, killed by a missile that had landed in his garden. For his part, he had suffered a spinal cord injury.

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