Afghanistan: Taliban treatment of women ‘could constitute a crime against humanity’, says Amnesty International report

Taliban treatment of women and girls“in Afghanistan”could constitute a crime against humanity“, Amnesty International estimated Friday, May 25 in a report, calling on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to retain this qualification in its ongoing investigation into the situation in the country.

>> “In Afghanistan, we don’t punish women, we destroy them”

This report, made public on Friday May 25, covers the period from the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan, in August 2021, until January 2023. Within this report, the lawyers of the NGO point out several criteria which make it possible to qualify the situation of women in the country of “crime against humanity“. The NGO mentions in particular “the draconian restrictions imposed by the Taliban on the rights of Afghan women and girls” as well as “the use of imprisonment, enforced disappearances, torture and other forms of ill-treatment“.

The exclusion of women from the public sphere

Since the Taliban seized power in August 2021, women have been pushed out of political roles and most public service jobs“, continues the NGO in its report. “Through a series of measures and announcements, women and girls have also been excluded from education beyond primary school, preventing them from continuing their education at university and further restricting their opportunities. professional“.

The requirement for women to travel with a mahram, or male chaperone, for long journeys, a decree stipulating that women must stay at home unless necessary, and the Taliban’s strict dress code undermine the women’s freedom of movement and their freedom to choose the clothes they wear in public“, she adds.

Indeed, Amnesty International believes that ICC prosecutors must include the crime against humanity of gender-based persecution in their ongoing investigation into the situation in Afghanistan. Amnesty International also demands that “women and girls fleeing persecution in Afghanistan“be”automatically considered as refugees in need of international protection“.

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