Afghanistan: Taliban government announcement still delayed

Nearly three weeks after the return to power of the fundamentalist Islamic movement, the Afghan people and the international community remain in suspense. The Taliban again postponed their government’s announcement on Saturday (September 4), two Taliban sources told AFP. Initially, the new executive, whose composition could set the tone for the next few years in Afghanistan, would be revealed on Friday.

Since returning to power after a lightning military offensive, the Taliban has tried to show a moderate face, even promising to form a government. “including“and establish contacts with Afghan personalities who oppose them, such as former President Hamid Karzai or former Vice President Abdullah Abdullah.

However, at this stage, nothing has leaked out about their real intentions or about the place they intend to give to representatives of the opposition, women and minorities.

The situation in Panchir, one of the last centers of armed opposition to the new regime, may explain the delay in presenting this government. According to Ahmad Massoud, who leads the National Resistance Front (FNR) against the Taliban in Panchir Valley, these would have proposed to assign two seats to the FNR in this future government. “We don’t even consider” his offer, he said on Wednesday, believing the Taliban had “chose the path of war”.

A former anti-Italic bastion, this landlocked and inaccessible valley, located about 80 kilometers north of the capital Kabul, has been the scene since Monday and the departure of the last US combat troops between Taliban forces. and the FNR.

A refugee in the Panchir Valley, former Vice President Amrullah Saleh spoke of a “very difficult situation” in a video message broadcast on Friday night, ensuring that the “continuous strength[ait] and keeps going[rait]”.

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