Afghanistan: Taliban crackdown on Afghan population begins

Despite its pledges to respect the rights of the Afghan people and especially women, the Taliban is beginning to change its face. The Taliban chief has just asked for Sharia to be enforced.

Two Afghan journalists mutilated by the Taliban for many hours finally return to their homes. An image that stirs the agitation of the Afghan population and international journalists present at the site. Kick in the head, hit it with a stick, both men are crippled with bruises all over their bodies and we can guess the hell they’ve just experienced. They were covering an Afghan women’s demonstration despite the ban on meetings in Kabul (Afghanistan).

“They arrested and beat 4th and 5th grade children”, witness a woman who participated in the demonstration. According to the UN, it is now prohibited for a woman to go out without the presence of a man. The Taliban continue to say that women’s rights will be respected, but so far this does not seem to be the case.

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