Afghanistan: Order on Mardak’s head covering, women’s outing, music

The Afghan Ministry of Justice and Prohibition of Evil has issued orders on various issues, including men’s headscarves, women’s gatherings, music and pictures.

In this regard, the provincial authorities of Herat of the Ministry of Amr Al-Ma’ruf and Nahi An Al-Munkar have issued a statement under which the citizens of Herat have been directed to strictly implement these policies.

The statement said that any kind of music has been declared haraam by Shariat, therefore people should refrain from this practice and take pleasure from such ugly things out of their lives.

ěž According to the ministry, the ministry also highlighted the pictures and said that the pictures on the walls are ugly according to Sharia, so people should refrain from doing so.

According to Taliban officials, the department also said that anything that makes a person intoxicated is haraam and people should refrain from using it.

Although the Taliban have not stopped women from going out or going out in public, they have been required to wear the hijab in hotels, coffee shops and gathering places.

In religion, even a part of a man’s body, from the navel to the knees, is not exempt from the veil. In this regard, the authorities made it clear that men should also abide by it. The statement said that such things are usually violated in gymnasiums and sports gatherings. Avoid.

Informing about his policy on beardless people, the ministry’s provincial commander-in-chief ordered the expulsion of underage and bearded adults from the ranks of the Taliban. He further added that no student has the authority to punish any person without a court order.

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Taliban fighters have been told that they have no right to enter anyone’s house in the name of searching for a wanted person and to violate the sanctity of the chador and the four walls. The imam of the neighborhood and the elders of the area should enter the desired house with them.

Fighting games such as rooster, dog and quail are also popular in Afghanistan, but the authorities have now issued clear orders in this regard. The public has been told that since animal fighting is a sin in religion, people should refrain from such acts.


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