Afghanistan News: The situation has changed under the Taliban rule! Cinema halls have opened, but alas, only one female actor in 37 films

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Taliban in Afghanistan


  • The roles of female actors are still very limited.
  • ‘Restrictions on women working in films lifted’
  • Actor happy but worried about funds

Afghanistan News: One year of Taliban rule completed. Taliban bigotry is not hidden from anyone. In such a situation, this decision of Taliban comes as a surprise. Theaters are going to reopen here after completing one year under Taliban rule. While people are celebrating the reopening of cinema halls, people are also expressing serious concern about the violation of women’s rights in this. About a year after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, films are going to be shown in the country’s cinemas. Shows have been allowed in theatres, but the roles of female actors are very limited.

The roles of female actors are still very limited.

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban have also imposed many types of sanctions in the country. The attitude of the Taliban especially towards women is the same as the old one. Before the Taliban rule, women were fearing that now under the Taliban rule, we will have to bear the oppression like the 20-year-old Taliban rule. Although more or less still the condition of women is not so good in this Taliban, because the roles of female actors are still limited. Nevertheless, this Taliban is a bit modified from the previous Taliban. Because at least women have got some freedom compared to the earlier Taliban rule. There is no restriction on the entry of girl students to the schools. Yes, classes are held separately for them.

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‘Restrictions on women working in films lifted’

Talking about the films itself, according to media reports 37 films and documentaries are lined up for release, but it should be noted that Atifa Mohammadi is the only female actress who played a role in one of these recently made films. Is. In this regard, Zahra Murtazavi, a resident of Kabul, gave an important message saying, ‘Women should not be restricted in this area as it is the right of women. I don’t think a film looks good without the presence of women.

Actor happy but worried about funds

Although film actors are happy with the reopening of theaters here. An actor said that money has to be made available to make films. An Afghan actor said, “We have spent our pocket money on films. According to the media portal, another artist Fayaz Iftikhar said, “We were happy to do our work.

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