Afghanistan News: Taliban upset with Pakistan, know what statement given by the Defense Minister of Afghanistan, Mullah Yakub?

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Taliban on Pakistan


  • Said Pakistan’s hand in killing Al Zawahiri
  • America destroyed radar

Afghanistan News: Since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the relations with the Taliban are not being built the way Pakistan wanted. On the contrary, representatives of India spoke to the rulers of the Taliban. Sent food grains in times of famine. The Taliban’s attitude towards India on such cooperation has already softened. This is what stings Pakistan. In the latest case, another thing of Taliban has pricked Pakistan. In fact, Mullah Yakub, the son of Mullah Omar in Afghanistan and the Defense Minister of the Taliban government, has said that Pakistan has a hand in killing al-Zawahiri with a US drone strike. With this statement, lines of concern are being seen on the forehead of Pakistan. Pakistan termed Mullah Yakub’s allegations as presumptive allegations. Pakistan also expressed grief over this statement and said that it is a violation of the norms of responsible diplomatic conduct. In fact, recently the US killed Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone attack.

Yakub made this allegation on Pakistan

The Pakistani Foreign Office said in a statement, “The Afghan minister himself has admitted that there is a lack of evidence.” These are hypothetical allegations that are deeply regrettable. This is a violation of norms of responsible diplomatic conduct. Mullah Yakub had accused Pakistan of giving way to American drones to enter Afghanistan. Mulla Yakub said that his intelligence system has given this information. This is the Taliban’s major statement attack on Pakistan after the death of al-Zawahiri.

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America destroyed radar

Mullah Yakub said, “Our intelligence tells that American drones have entered Afghanistan through Pakistan.” He further said, ‘We demand from Pakistan not to allow the US to use its airspace.’ This statement of Taliban has come after Pakistan has been claiming that it did not give access to America in its airspace.

Tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan

America’s Reaper drone killed Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri hiding in Kabul with a Hellfire missile. Since then there has been tension between the Taliban and Pakistan. Reports also say that despite knowing about the drone strike, Pakistan allowed al-Zawahiri to die. Due to this the distance between Taliban and Pakistan has increased further. Many foreign affairs experts have said about the Taliban that this Taliban can become a blasphemer for Pakistan in the future.

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