Afghanistan: ISIL claims responsibility for attack on Gurdwara


KABUL: ISIL has claimed responsibility for an attack on a Sikh gurdwara in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The attack killed at least two people and injured seven, the Gulf Times reported on Sunday.

Of a foreign news agency According to the report A member of the Sikh community and a Taliban security official were also killed in the attack.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on its telegram channel, saying it was in response to insulting remarks about the Prophet of Islam.

Significantly, ISIL has described the attack as a response to two separate recent incidents of blasphemy by extremist Hindu BJP leaders in India, but ISIL targeted a Sikh gurdwara in Kabul.

It should be noted that in late May, the spokesperson of the Indian ruling party BJP, Nopur Sharma and a leader named Naveen Jundal had committed blasphemy.

It was protested by Muslims all over the world, including in India. The protest is still going on in India despite the fact that the houses of many of the leaders of the protest have started demolishing the houses of the leaders of this protest.

A statement issued by ISIS said it carried out the attack in Kabul on Saturday to target Hindus, Sikhs and apostates.

Since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in August last year, they have said they have significantly improved Afghanistan’s security system to protect the country from extremist attacks, but analysts say extremist attacks here The threat is still there.