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Afghanistan: is the international community ready to mobilize?

A reaction too late? On August 15, as Taliban fighters begin to invest Kabul, the capital, several international governments say they are monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.

This is particularly the case in France. The Elysee Palace declared that it was doing “everything possible to guarantee the safety of the French” who remain in the territory, as well as the personnel who worked for the French army, or even “journalists, human rights activists. Man, artists Afghans and personalities particularly threatened ”.

The presidency says it is “alongside the Afghan people” and “in constant and close contact with our American and European partners,” without specifying whether measures to protect civilians from the Taliban are being considered. A defense council related to the situation at the site will be held via videoconference tomorrow, Monday, August 16, the Elysee told CNEWS. At present, everything suggests that the insurgents will seize power very quickly, especially since President Ashraf Ghani is said to be fleeing abroad.

If Western leaders have so far not really talked about the future of Afghanistan, some countries are starting to shake. This is particularly the case in the UK, where Boris Johnson, the prime minister, has called a government crisis meeting and is expected to convene Parliament on August 18. Therefore, he promised not to “turn his back on Afghanistan” and to ensure that “the Kabul government does not allow the country to once again become a breeding ground for terrorism.”

Russia is trying to organize an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. “It is important to avoid another humanitarian catastrophe and a greater threat to the stability and security of the region,” declared the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Parliament, Leonid Sloutsky.

Focused on the evacuation of their nationals, the rest of the nations have not yet made a decision to go in that direction. US President Joe Biden has repeatedly confirmed that he does not intend to relaunch a military campaign in the country and that he does not regret his decision to withdraw troops in early summer. “I was the fourth president to govern with the presence of American soldiers in Afghanistan (…). I do not want, and will not pass, this war to a fifth, “he said in a statement on August 15.

Without the support of the United States, which was the main force involved in Afghanistan for twenty years, at the moment it is difficult to imagine the steps that will be taken to try to protect civilians from abuses by the Taliban. The UN already has about 250,000 displaced people due to the conflict since the end of May, of which 80% are women and children.

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