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Afghanistan: healthcare system on the brink of collapse

In Kabul, Afghanistan, the consequences of the departure of Westerners are being felt in hospitals, where international aid is no longer reaching.

In Afghanistan, since the departure from the West, the hospital faces a catastrophic situation. Ambulances are lacking, so passersby are transported to the emergency room in the trunk of the car. International aid ended with the Taliban’s rise to power and doctors are suffering the consequences. “We feel that we are going to have a shortage of drugs and medical equipment day after day. We want the international community to continue to provide us with funds and support us.”, begs Dr. Abdul Razaq, head of the intensive care unit at Kabul hospital.

With the new regime in place, many nurses and doctors stopped working out of fear. One of them, officiating at the hospital in Kabul, chose to stay. She usually takes care of two intensive care beds. Now she needs to manage six. With more patients and fewer resources, the medical team fears a collapse of the Afghan health care system.

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