Afghanistan: French journalists 2 board Taliban convoy in Kabul

In Afghanistan, the Taliban controlled the capital for three weeks. If the combatants try to control their image, they parade through the city, armed. A team of journalists from France 2 managed to follow one of their patrols in the capital.

In Kabul (Afghanistan), the Taliban are everywhere in the city, with weapons of war. Your goal: security. “Our most important mission is to stop all criminals in Kabul, “ a Taliban fighter told journalists in France 2 who managed to follow a convoy. “The population is calm, because we are taking care to protect them”, add another one. The white flag of the Islamic Emirate is raised throughout the capital and reminds us that only Islamic law is followed.

For three weeks, the Taliban took control of Kabul. Most of them lived for years in seclusion in the mountains on the Pakistani border. “Before, I was far away, in a completely deserted area and there, I discovered city life”, one of them rejoices. For the Taliban, the American page is definitely turned. His obsession now is to build, with the new generation, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. But in practice there is increasingly violent repression, especially against Afghan journalists. “Yesterday, a photographer and a cameraman were arrested while covering a women’s demonstration. They were taken to a police station and beaten (…) Several women were also severely beaten while protesting for their rights.” says journalist Dorothée Ollieric live from Kabul.

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