Afghanistan: for Angela Merkel, the departure from the United States was for "domestic policy reasons"

The US decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, in the face of Taliban advance and President Ashraf Ghani’s flight, continues to generate rearrangements among its NATO allies throughout the 20-year war. “We always said we would stay if the Americans stayed,” he said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is preparing to withdraw his troops and described the current situation in the Middle East country and the days ahead as “bitter” for those who want to flee the now Taliban territory.

The German chancellor’s first definitions became known from the repercussions of a private party meeting, published by the AFP, in which Merkel clarified that the decision to leave Afghanistan was “essentially taken by the United States” and considered that it was due to “internal political reasons”.

Starting with the United States, which on Sunday took control of Kabul airport to ensure the withdrawal of military and diplomatic personnel, Merkel explained that “there was a domino effect”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also ordered the withdrawal of his troops and publicly stated that “there is no military solution in Afghanistan”, although he urged the work to continue so that the country does not become “a hotbed” for terrorism.

Despite the perception of annoyance on the part of the German government with the decision of its military partner, at the meeting of the party Merkel would have acknowledged the reasons for Biden’s decision due to the high cost of living of the American soldiers that the 20 suffered. years of war against the Taliban.

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The German chancellor anticipated that, from now on, “many people will want to leave” Afghanistan and She said she was willing to help forced migrants from the advanced Taliban, along with the NGOs working to help them.


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