Afghanistan: Faced with Taliban Return, Afghan Women’s Revolt

In Afghanistan, the Taliban regained power. An ad that worries many Afghan women. On Saturday, September 4, they protested for their rights in Kabul and expect help from the international community.

The fate of Afghan women has caused concern since the Taliban came to power. A woman, followed by France Télévisions teams, takes a taxi alone. A move frowned upon by the country’s new masters. Life seems almost normal in the capital, Kabul. The Taliban is barely visible. But the young woman joins some friends. Among them, activists, feminists, students or artists, who want to be heard against the Taliban.

“We’ve studied for years, the Taliban won’t let us work, we can’t go back”, answers one of them. Everyone wants the international community to take an interest in their fate. Never, when the Taliban first assumed power in 1996, did a woman oppose them. Several dared to contact the mullahs, and verbal battles ensued. The security forces then decided to forcefully disperse them. Desperate, these women are ready to take risks rather than die slowly. “The fear is that when the world looks away from Afghanistan, the Taliban will show their true face.”, reports Dorothée Ollieric, in Kabul.

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