Afghanistan Consulate in UAE regarding Taliban

The Consulate of Afghanistan in the city of Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was handed over to the Taliban government.

According to the World News Agency, the Taliban government allowed to open a consulate in Dubai, after which the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appointed Abdul Rahman Fida as acting consulate in Dubai.

In a statement issued by the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, it is said that gaining control of the Dubai consulate is a major diplomatic success of the Taliban government.

Abdul Rehman Fida, who was appointed by the Taliban government, will take over the post of Consul General Charge d’Affaires from the current Afghan Consul General Masood Ahmad Azizi from March 23.

On this development, political analysts believe that this move by the United Arab Emirates will pave the way for more countries in the region and beyond to recognize the Taliban regime in the near future.

With the appointment of a Taliban diplomatic representative, the UAE region will join a group of several other countries that have handed over diplomatic missions in Afghanistan to the Taliban without formally recognizing the Taliban government.

It should be noted that before the United Arab Emirates, Iran, China, Russia, Turkey and Pakistan have accepted Taliban diplomats as representatives of the embassies and consulate generals of Afghanistan.

Although the international community does not recognize the Taliban government, these countries cannot officially give credentials to Taliban ambassadors, so they allow Taliban diplomats to hold responsibilities in consulates to maintain contact with Taliban officials.

The international community, especially the Western countries, have made the recognition of the Taliban government conditional on the provision of all human rights in Afghanistan, especially women, girls, religious minorities and classes, including their education, employment and participation in the government.

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