Afghanistan: body found in the landing gear of an American C-17

A terrible discovery. The US military has found “human remains” in the undercarriage of the military plane that was attacked on Monday (August 16) by terrorized Afghans at the Kabul airport, the military said over the US air on Tuesday. The latter decided to open an investigation

Therefore, the United States Air Force will examine all the videos circulating on social media of a C-17 transport plane that had been run by hundreds of people, some trying madly to hold on to its sides or its wheels.

Another video showed the same plane flying over Kabul, and what appeared to be two people falling into the void.

“In addition to uploaded videos and press reports of people falling from the plane on take off, human remains were found on the landing gear of the C-17 when it landed at Al. Udeid Air Base, Qatar,” Ann said, US Air Force spokesman Stefanek. “The investigation will be thorough to allow us to obtain all the facts about this tragic incident,” he added in a statement.

The spokesperson did not give a full assessment or confirm the information of a person crushed under the wheels of the aircraft before takeoff.

The C-17 had just landed and was loaded with equipment destined for US military reinforcements sent to Kabul to ensure evacuations of civilians.

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