Afghanistan: Biden admitted US troops may delay withdrawal

US President Joe Biden said US troops could remain in Afghanistan beyond the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline if necessary to evacuate all Americans from the country.

In his first interview since the Taliban took over the Afghan capital, causing an exodus of foreigners and their Afghan allies, Biden told ABC News that “chaos” was inevitable.

When asked in an ABC News interview whether the troops would stay until all Americans were evacuated, Biden replied, “Yes.”

“We’re going to try to do this before Aug. 31,” he said, before adding, “If there are still American citizens, we’ll stay to get them all out.”

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the Taliban are helping to evacuate US citizens and foreigners from Kabul, but admitted that US forces face “difficulties” in removing Afghan allies from the country.

The Taliban who now control Afghanistan “are cooperating, allowing US citizens to leave, US officials to leave, embassy officials to leave … but we are having more difficulties with those who helped us when we were there,” he said. an interview with ABC News.

The US president also admitted that it was impossible for the United States to leave Afghanistan after two decades of war without “chaos”.

“I don’t know if it was possible to have left without causing chaos,” added the president in the same interview.

Shortly before the report, the State Department itself admitted that the Taliban was not fulfilling its commitments amid the evacuation of US troops.

“Contrary to public statements and commitments to our government, we have reports that the Taliban are blocking the roads to prevent Afghans who want to leave from reaching the airport,” Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman warned a press conference.

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Finally, Biden assured that US troops could remain in Afghanistan after Aug. 31, if necessary, evacuate all Americans from the country.


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