Afghanistan: Ban on participation of girls in university entrance exams

The Taliban government in Afghanistan has ordered private universities not to allow girls to sit for entrance exams next month.

According to the World News Agency, this order has been given by the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan through a letter to the management of the universities.

The letter is addressed to educational institutions in the northern regions of Afghanistan, including Kabul, where entrance exams are expected in late February.

The letter from the Ministry of Higher Education states that legal action will be taken against educational institutions violating the regulations.

It may be recalled that in December 2022, the said ministry had stopped all universities from running classes for girls till the second year.

A few days after this decision, Afghan women were also banned from working in NGOs working for social welfare and rehabilitation in Afghanistan.

Besides, the new administration has also closed most of the girls’ high schools.

There is a global backlash against the closure of women from education and employment by the Taliban rulers.

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