Afghanistan: Back to School under the Taliban

In Afghanistan, students returned to university on Monday, September 6th. Women can study under certain conditions.

The Taliban’s rise to power is already being felt in Afghanistan. Long Islamic costumes had disappeared from the streets of Kabul and are now mandatory, especially in private universities, where classes resumed on Monday, 6 September. Women can still study, but they must do so out of the sight of men. In classrooms, youA curtain separates the two sexes.

Before we went to study together, we were comrades, and then this curtain, it’s a horrible pressure, but we don’t have a choice”, confides a fourth-year political science student. Another student in the class does not understand this decision. It’s absurd and even more. Everything stops for us, a lot of people left. I feel lonely and desperate “, she says.

Questioned by France 2, the Taliban minister of higher education, Abdul Bakl Haqani, explain this “it is up to universities and professors to ensure due respect for our decree, Islamic dress and respect for Islamic law. Girls need to understand that it’s for their own good “.

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