Afghanistan: at least three dead at the entrance to Kabul airport

The chaos intensifies in the vicinity of the airport of the capital where this Saturday the bodies of at least three people were found. The air terminal concentrates the greatest tension in Kabul since the fall of the Ashraf Ghani government and the Taliban takeover. Thousands of people arrive every day to try to flee the country.

The British network Sky News transmitted images in which it is seen to soldiers covering three bodies with white cloth, although it is not yet confirmed how they died. Hamid Karzai International Airport is currently under the control of some 6,000 US military personnel, while the surrounding streets are patrolled by Taliban insurgents who prevent the arrival of many Afghans at the air terminal.

Stuart Ramsay, a reporter for Sky News, was at the airport and claimed that people in the front row are being “crushed” So what Doctors run from victim to victim. The chain also showed images of several injured in the vicinity of the terminal. Ramsay explained that people are “dehydrated and terrified”. In other images, soldiers are seen pointing a hose at the crowd, claiming that they were using “anything to cool them off.”

In the last week the airport has been the scene of shocking images: mothers and fathers trying to pass their children and babies over the perimeter wall at the airport, repression, shootings, and tear gas. Tens of thousands of Afghans wait in full sun and in temperatures above 30 degrees for hours and even days to try to leave the country. Banks have been closed since the Taliban took power, ATMs are also not operational and payment of salaries to civil servants and other employees of private organizations is paralyzed.

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