Afghanistan: A child who was trapped in a well for four days died

A 6-year-old boy has died after being trapped in a well for four days in Afghanistan.

Rescue officials in the southern province of Zabul managed to pull the 6-year-old boy out of the well on Friday after hours of trying, but by the time he was pulled out, he had stopped breathing and did not respond. had lived.

The BBC quoted rescue workers as saying that no sound had been heard from inside the well since Thursday. Rescuers dug a trench to reach the child, who was airlifted to a hospital in Kabul.

Zabil police spokesman Zabihullah Johar told AFP that the baby had been breathing for the first few minutes when he was evacuated and that the medical team had given him oxygen but that the medical team was taking him to a helicopter. At that moment, the baby died.

Anas Haqqani, a senior adviser to the Taliban’s Interior Ministry, said in a tweet that Haider was “deeply saddened” to be separated from us forever.

It is to be noted that this child named Haider had fallen into a well while walking along the road in a village called Shokak on Tuesday. The boy could have been plowed when he fell into the 25-meter-deep well, but things got worse when people there tried to pull him out.

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After being pulled ten meters, the child got stuck in a place because the road there was very narrow. The child remained in that condition for about 30 hours. Rescue workers were unable to reach the scene.

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