The Afghan Taliban have released Faizullah Jalal, a prominent university professor critical of the government.

The daughter of Afghan professor Faizullah Jalal has confirmed that her father was released on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press (AFP).

The Taliban arrested Faizullah Jalal, an Afghan university professor, from Kabul on Saturday, after which he was placed in an undisclosed location, accused of criticizing the government.

Faizullah Jalal’s daughter Hasina Jalal has said in a Twitter message that Professor Jalal, who was arrested for four days on baseless charges, has been released. He also campaigned on Twitter for his father’s release.

Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had also tweeted that Professor Faizullah Jalal had made statements on social media in an attempt to provoke the people against the government.

The spokesman added that Professor Jalal had been arrested so that the rest of the people would not make such meaningless statements which would tarnish the image of others.

Faizullah Jalal’s family said in this regard that tweets were shared from the fake Twitter account of the professor which they are trying to block.

Hasina Jalal told AFP that the Taliban wanted to suppress a strong voice by using these Twitter posts as an excuse. Professor Faizullah Jalal also openly criticized the Taliban’s oppressive rule and worsening economic situation in television programs.

After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, Professor Jalal refused to leave the country, while his family fled to Europe.



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