Afghan Taliban hand over US military vehicles to Iran

KABUL: The Afghan Taliban have handed over US military vehicles to Iran, a video clip has also been posted on social media.

According to the international website, the Afghan Taliban handed over US military vehicles to Iran. After the Taliban provided US military vehicles to the Iranian authorities, the convoy was filmed on its way to Tehran.

Defense and security expert Jonathan Kittson says the loss of these vehicles is another embarrassment for the United States, and if they are used to extract valuable technical information or as part of US forces in Iraq, they could be harmful in the future. May be.

He said there should be serious questions about this from Washington’s intelligence agencies, which have misunderstood the situation.

The propaganda came as the Taliban were seen parading in Kabul with US equipment after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 31. The convoy included heavy armored vehicles to avoid Humvees and landmines.

A video clip has been posted on social media claiming that Iran has also acquired some American tanks. The United States has provided more than 70,000 military vehicles to Afghan security forces.

On the other hand, Washington has said that Iran has helped the Taliban to come to power suddenly by training military and military equipment.


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