Adyen Unveils Next-Generation Open Banking Solution in Collaboration with Tink

Adyen, the global fintech platform of choice for leading companies, presents its open banking offer. This transfer payment solution has been carried out in association with Tink. It is an open banking platform that allows financial institutions, fintechs Y startup build financial products and services. In order to drive seamless checkout processes, Adyen will equip businesses with the next generation of open banking. The open banking integration has been launched first in the UK, with plans to expand to multiple European markets in 2023.

«Today’s consumers not only appreciate having a variety of payment options, they expect it.“, Explain Edgar Verschuur, Director of Global Acquisition of Adyen. «With our open banking solution, buyers can pay directly through their trusted banks. We innovate quickly to meet consumer needs by offering a wide range of convenient, fast and secure payment options. Partnering with Tink for open banking is the latest way we have evolved our technology to meet this goal.«.

Increased account balance transparency

open banking solution Adyen It offers a series of advantages for both businesses and consumers. By facilitating the connection between banks and businesses, the technology allows consumers to pay directly from their preferred bank. In addition to providing greater choice and convenience at checkout, account-to-account bank transfers provide buyers with greater transparency of their account balance. All these advantages of payment by transfer are possible thanks to the integration and unique platform of Adyen with a single click.

Tom Pope, Director of Payments and Platforms at TinkAdd: “We have long admired Adyenas a leader in payments, and we’re proud to work together to help businesses access next-generation payments. With the scope of Adyenour partnership will rapidly accelerate global adoption of payments powered by open banking”.

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The open banking functionality of Adyen it is designed to be dynamic. It has been developed as a white-label solution so that only the company name appears on consumers’ bank statements. When a buyer chooses to pay by transfer, they will automatically be presented with their bank’s authentication method. The open banking option Adyen It is available on all major operating systems including API, web, iOS and Android devices.

Since Adyen We offer end-to-end payment capabilities, data and financial products, all from a single global solution. Through this new alliance and the use of new technology, inAdyen we are able to provide advantages to your customers and consumers by facilitating the relationship between banks and companies without having to put aside their payment preference”, he concludes Juan Jose Llorente, Country Manager of Adyen for Spain and Portugal.

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