Adyen advances in face-to-face payments with the launch of the range of terminals of its own design

Adyenthe global financial technology platform of choice for leading companies, announces the launch of its first internally designed terminals. They will be innovated to facilitate various payment use cases.

Thus, the range of terminals marks the latest step forward in Adyen’s growing unified commerce offering. Running on the company’s single platform, the new devices remain inherently flexible, in order to address a rapidly advancing payment landscape and ever-evolving customer needs.

Adyen is committed to helping businesses realize their ambitions faster, and building our own endpoints is the latest way we’re delivering on this promise. We always innovate based on customer feedback to deliver superior experiences with speed and flexibility. With our in-person payment offering, businesses have a full suite of terminals to choose from, allowing them to choose the best one to meet their specific needs.

Kamran Zaki, Adyen’s COO.

Satisfaction of customer expectations

Adyen’s goal is to drive innovation in unified commerce, from enterprises to SMBs across platforms. Thus, the devices meet customer expectations as they are mobile, discreet, reliable and affordable. Plus, they have a long battery life and accept payments via tap, insert, or swipe.

To carry out the design of the model, they took care with the designs, to ensure that the sound, look and feel met the Adyen standard of excellence in all paid experiences. The devices run on Adyen’s unique platform. This enables end-to-end control, personalized checkout flows, and high-speed innovation at the point of sale.

By taking charge of the terminal’s design, Adyen ensures that we put customers’ needs at the heart of its functionality. Our goal is to continually reduce friction in the consumer journey. By designing highly mobile devices, we make it possible for businesses to collect payments not just when they’re behind the checkout, but anywhere. The breadth of use cases this mobility offers is a fantastic development of advanced in-person shopping.

Derk BusserVice President of Products at Adyen.

NYC1, the most flexible and affordable device

The first terminal in the pack is NYC1, the most affordable and flexible device in the in-person payment industry. This allows businesses to offer a fully customized checkout flow in their own POS app. It’s ideal for businesses that have already invested in hardware like phones or tablets and want to add payments to their system.

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A key use case is for platforms that want to offer a simple and affordable payment device for their small business customers. There’s also a lot of usability among businesses that see mobility as a way to deliver more seamless in-person experiences, from eliminating long checkout lines to reducing the burden on sales associates so they can offer more personalized service. . The NYC1 terminal is now available in North America, with coverage soon to be extended to other regions.

AMS1, ideal for companies

The second is the AMS1, an all-in-one terminal with an Android operating system that businesses can use to accept payments and run their own business applications. By consolidating the apps, store associates can perform tasks like accessing their cash register, managing inventory, and accepting payments on a single device. This terminal simplifies daily operations, while offering the same benefits as the NYC1. The AMS1 is ideal for enterprise and platform businesses that want to be able to access all operational applications through a single device. The terminal will be available globally by the end of this year, starting in Europe and North America.

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