‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ on Eid television

Bengali movie Shaan directed by M Rahim (Word TV Premiere) will be aired on the first day of Eid at 1 PM. Starring Siam, Pooja, Misha Saudagar, Champa etc.

The story of the film revolves around Shaan. In the beginning, the lives of people who are suffering from human trafficking, human trafficking in South Asia and organ trafficking in the black market are described. Then Shaan is shown. Shan (Siyam Ahmed) joins the police force after passing the Bangladesh Civil Service Examination. He is an honest and brave police officer, hence his nickname.

The government formed a committee headed by a retired secretary (Nader Chowdhury) to prevent human trafficking. It threatens his life. At one point, Shaan flies with a bike in the midst of a showdown of enemy weapons to save him. ‘VOSCO Group’ who are directly involved in this trafficking.

One day, Shaan meets musician Riya (Pooja) by chance. While getting her to safety, Shaan meets Riya’s mother and father’s friend’s son. Shaan and Riya fall in love slowly. Shaan starts working with various clues to catch the mastermind of the Vosco group in the midst of love.

On the second day of Eid, the Bengali movie Adventure of Sundarban directed by Abu Raihan Jewel will be aired at 1 pm (Word TV Premiere). Acted by Siam, Parimoni, Abu Huraira Tanveer, Ashish Khandkar etc.

A children’s movie ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ has been made based on the novel ‘Ratuler Raat Ratuler Din’ written by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.

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